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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceiling fans?

Whether in a bedroom, living room, on a patio or even in a gazebo, designer fan in Singapore is one of the most versatile and most used appliances in our home. Ceiling fans are not only aesthetically pleasing, can add style much like furniture, they can also provide comfort in all.


No matter ceiling fans if it is summer or winter, ceiling fans can aid in heating or cool your home or office more efficiently and help us save money by running your heating and cooling less. Ceiling fans use what is called ‘evaporative cooling’; meaning by circulating air across our skin, our body is naturally cooled by the process keeping us cooler in the summer. Likewise, in the winter months, reverse the rotation of the ceiling fan and warm air, that naturally rises, will be pushed back down and redistributed in our room. Almost all ceiling fans come with a directional switch for us to change the rotational direction of the blades.

A few tips to remember
  • Ceiling fans can save up to as much as 40% in cooling costs in the summer and save as much as 10% in the winter with heating costs
  • Location matters when choosing a ceiling fan. If your ceiling fan will be used outside, then a ceiling fan specifically designed for outdoor use is needed
  • The bigger the room, the bigger the fan needed
  • Fans should be mounted 8 to 10 feet from the floor. Taller ceilings will need a down rod for proper height
  • Controls can be a pull chain, wall switch or even remote control
  • Prices vary. We can find a ceiling fan to fit any budget

Not only do ceiling fans aid in the cooling and heating of our home, add to the décor, they also help us save money all at the same time.

Ceiling fans do not produce much light

Unfortunately, while most ceiling fans are a part lighting fixture, the light that comes with them (or that can be installed into them) is not always terribly bright, usually slightly less so than a standard flush mount fixture. So while they can be used to offer basic ambient light, they may not provide adequate task lighting, and will likely need to be supplemented by additional fixtures.

Ceiling fans can be noisy

A small, perfectly balanced, clean, modern ceiling fan in pristine condition should be whisper quiet. But the reality is that with nearly any ceiling fan, over time the weight shifts, the blades move somewhat, and screws can loosen, meaning that without skilled care, they are probably going to go from a quiet whirr to a slightly more pronounced motor sound that could keep light sleepers awake or be slightly distracting in a quiet room.

Ceiling fans are difficult to clean

Anything that is well out of reach is a pain to keep hygienic, but ceiling fan blades are particularly so, often requiring a special tool (or a special level of finesse) to keep the tops and bottoms of the blades clean. To find out more about our ceiling fan price in Singapore click here.